The Kingdom of God or Nothing!!!

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Mark Tyson Trent Lichtenwalter

Revelations, Visions and Election
of or about Mark Tyson Trent Lichtenwalter

The Second Witness of the Father and a Man Like unto Moses.

This was not my first experience with the Father and the Son. In 1995 I was taken in the spirit to the Salt Lake City Temple in the Spirit and Jesus showed me several rooms in the Salt Lake Temple. The Last Room I was taken to was the highest room in the temple on the east tower just under the angel Moroni. When I entered into the room, I was overwhelmed by the Full Power of the Love of the Father. I heard his voice as he spoke to me about my future. At the time I was attending a Baptist church and was under the impression that the LDS church was in great error. In 1996 I met the missionaries for the LDS church and Found out that Joseph Smith was a True Prophet and that the Book of Mormon was True. I Got my endowments in the Salt Lake Temple in 1997 and the rooms I was shown by Jesus in 1995 were the same. I also went on a mission that same year. When I returned from my mission I became an OTR Trucker and spent a lot of time reading, listening, learning and doing missionary work when ever I could. In 2003 I had the Following Experience with the Father and the Son. I did not fully understand the experience until 2013, when I received further light and knowledge as to who I am and why I was Called to be a Witness of the Father and the Son.  
  1. One day when I was 25 years old, a few months before my 26th birthday (April or March of 2003) I was sitting on the side of the road In my Semi Truck on an on ramp south of beaver Utah. I pulled over because I didn't have to be in L.A. for some time and I was wondering about certain things. I pulled out my scriptures and as I was reading them and pondering over them I was caught up By the Power of God in the flesh and taken to a meadow next to a stream at the base of a mountain. After I refreshed myself in the Cold water I was instructed By an unseen messenger to Climb the Mountain that I was standing near. This is where we will begin. Immediately after this experience I wrote this.
  2. I feel so close to god right now. I feel so grateful. So peaceful. I continue walking. I reach the forest. I continue following the trail. I feel inspired to continue walking. I am so happy. I see a clearing up ahead. As I pass the last of the trees I can see a building in the distance. It is white. It looks like a small temple. I think to myself that this is odd. I didn't think their would be a building there. I am curious. I continue walking towards the building. As I come closer I can see the words in the white marble. The words say Holiness to God. House of the Lord. I look at the door. I see that it says well done thou good and faithful servant, thy sins be forgiven thee. Enter in that ye may obtain your calling and election made sure. Immediately I feel such great gratitude. I feel great thankfulness. I feel my own spiritual light grow brighter. I feel the spirit so strongly now. The door is slightly ajar. I feel like walking in. I feel worthy to do so. I take my shoes off and go in. there is a foyer. There is simple but beautiful furniture. The walls seem to glow. In fact I don't see any lights. Hanging from the ceiling are crystal chandeliers. I notice there are stones within the chandlers. They remind me of the stones of the Jaradites. They are bright. I walk down the hallway. I see tables made of white marble. I see vases on the table. The vases are filled with white roses. They seem to glow. It was like I could see there spirits there are no windows. But there is a door down the hallway. As I come closer I can see that it is not a door. It is a curtain. the curtain is thick cloth. maybe velvet. the curtains hang from an iron rod and the rings look like pure gold. I put my hands through the curtains and spread the curtains apart. I look into the room. the walls seem to give off there own light. I am amazed at what I am seeing. Slowly I walk through the curtains. As I pass from the hallway into the room it is like walking from cold air into warm water so different was the feeling. The power is almost overwhelming. It is the power of complete love and peace. I hear a voice like unto thunder. It is powerful but it is not loud. The voice penetrates me. It is like I hear it in my head and out and everywhere in between.
  3. I look down the room. It is long. I see a light about 3 feet off the ground. The light is about 5 to 6 feet high. I walk towards the light. Slowly as I get closer I notice it is a personage. Slower now I walk towards the light. I know him! He looks like Jesus. But somehow I know that this is my father. When I notice this I fall to my hands and knees.
  4. My head is down. He tells me to come near thou good and faithful servant. I look up and his arms are open towards me. I get up and go towards him with tears in my eyes. I wrap my arms around him. He puts his arms around me. I hold tight. I feel like a child. My head against his chest. I softly whisper thank you. Thank you father. Thank you for finding me and preparing me and forgiving me. there are tears in both of our eyes. I am so thankful to be home again. I feel the purifying love of god emanate through me. He tells me I have passed the test. He says that my calling and election will been made sure. He tells me that I still have a work to do on the earth. I release him and step back. I look at him. I look into his eyes. I feel the pure love within. I can feel the peace. I know that he loves me. I know that he loves us all. His voice penetrates me. He puts his arms out. I kneel and bow before him. He places his hands on my head. I can feel his power flow through me from head to toe. It is like a pure fire that cleanses my whole soul. I notice that light is emanating from me also. It is not of myself, but of gods power with in me. (I was distracted by this. The Father was speaking, but I was not listening. It would be about ten years before I knew what he said. My witness, who was there and saw this happen told me what our Father was saying and more about what he was doing. I will talk about that later...)
  5. I look up at my father. I now notice that Jesus Christ is standing next to him. I look up at Jesus. He has tears in his eyes. I now know why he had to die for me. That even though I am imperfect. That because I have Sought to know him and gain knowledge and acceptance of his gospel I have been given this Experience. I am purified and sanctified through his atonement. I know that this is the only way that I can be here with my father at this day. Jesus tells me that I can have three questions that he will answer. He tells me to ponder what I will ask. He reminds me that I will be returning and living upon the earth that I may be an example to thoughs in my life. he shows me some benches made of stone where I can think about and ponder the questions I will ask. I go sit down and think.
  6. As I sit and think The 1st question comes. I ask, What will you have me do on the earth, he says that I must grow and become an example. 2nd question, What will you have me do about my work? he says, I have placed you where I would have you go. Even now you may feel pressure from the adversary in your line of work. This work I give unto you that you may be taken out of the world. That ye may learn and rely upon me. That you may become knowledgeable in the things of the spirit. That thru this you will be a missionary and an example unto all those that know you. I do these things for my wise purpose. I have had my hands in you life since you where a child. The things that you have been made to endure have been for your experience. Even the things that are hard for you to accept in your life, I have allowed for my wise purpose. That ye may become strong and reliant upon me. That ye may have compassion, that ye may know how much I love you. I have given a coarse in your life to lead you unto this calling, that ye may be my humble servant.
  7. Lord I ask you my 3rd question, I ask of you about my future family, Is it right that I stay a trucker for the time being? How will I find a wife? The Lord replies, I will lead you unto her. For I am preparing her at this time. That you and her may be worthy of each other. At this time she is learning to rely upon me. At this time I would have you continue to learn and grow in knowledge and continue to be worthy to enter into my house. Be patient, for all things in your life are timed unto my timing, I prepare you here a little and there a little. I would that you would continue to drive until the time when I shall remove you out of this work. For now be ye patient and continue to drive and teach. After this the Lord made it known to me that I can come unto him in this house any time I wish If I be worthy of it. As I walk out of the temple the vision is closed. I find myself back in my truck filled with the spirit of god. I get out my computer and start writing these things down. When things are hard for me I get them out and reread these things and remember them. It has helped me greatly in my life to not loose track of who I am and what I know. In my life I have learned many things from the Lord. I used to keep these things to myself, except when I felt it was okay to share with some close family members and friends. In 2012 God commanded me to take a stranger as my wife, he commanded her to bare me children and easy my burden. We got Married 20 days after we met in person. I was 35 and she was 29. My wife and 4 living children have been one of the greatest blessing of my life. God prepared her for me and she has a personal witness that I have seen and have touched our Father and our Savior.

  9. I had felt that I should share these things so that others can know these things still happen in this world. In 2013 I was commanded by The Father to Share my experiences with Others and So I do. I have pondered over why more people don't receive there calling and election or have the type of experiences that I have had. I feel that the only reason they don't is because they don't ask. I personally asked about Calling and Elections and other things and what these things meant during my mission and five years after wards while I continued to learn and grow and come closer to god. All I can say is I know these things can happen to anyone who asks for it then follows the path that leads to repentance and knowledge and continues to become spiritually centered and strives to become one with Jesus Christ.
  10. That was written many many years ago. In the spring of 2013 I was commanded to share these things and declare them with Boldness by our Father in Heaven.
  11. In my Patriarchal blessing I am sealed up unto eternal life. I didn't realize it was in the blessing January of 2011. I never liked my blessing because of how it spoke of the loving family I was given to in this world... I was neglected and abused a lot... But my grand parents, all of them, did the best they could to take care of me... anyways, I didn't read it much. But in January of 2011 I found it and started reading it again. One part says, I seal upon you the greatest gift that god has to bestow, the gift of eternal life. Later as I asked a stake clerk and president about it they told me they never had seen that in a blessing and that it meant my calling and election had already been sealed upon me. I already knew that because of when I received the second comforter. But finding this in my blessing was neat too...
  12. Okay, I also wrote that a long time ago, before I understand who I am. In the spring of 2013 Heavenly Father commanded me to kneel before him and ask him who I am. When I did as he commanded I saw who I was and why I have been called to do the work he needs me to do. Lucifer was a General over the angels of Heaven. He was also the Second witness of the Father and held the office known as the Evening star. When he rebelled, he was cast out of that office and authority. Our Father and Jesus went among they who were Generals called the Mighty and Strong ones. I was chosen from among them to fill the office Lucifer was banished from. As the Second witness I would come on the earth at the very end and prepare for the coming of Zion and The Father and the Son. I would also become a personal Eye Witness of the Resurrect Father and Son. This is why I had the experience I have. I have had many others, before and after, but this was the only one I had being caught up in the flesh. After the Father showed me these things I met Joshua. He Saw the Father Place his Hands upon my head and heard what he said. I will Talk about that later.

  13. Below are a few excerpts from Revelations Received in these modern times. They are not all. But only some. 

  1. The High Priest of Ephraim
  2. For did I the Lord not send mine Only Begotten unto the Jews, saith the Lord, and did they not reject him who was appointed, my firstborn, by me, saith the Father, and did they not have their High Priest also, even as ye, O Ephraim?
  3. For it is that Mine Only Begotten and that One Mighty and Strong have they not been twin brethren from before the foundation of the world, saith the Lord of the whole earth?
  4. And it is that One shall stand to judge Ephraim, and One Judah, and theyare One with me, my two witnesses from before the foundation of the world, saith the Father.
  5. And which is greater, for out of the mouths of these two witnesses shall every word be established, saith the Lord God who is the Father of both heaven and of earth.
  6. And thus it is that that One mighty and strong should be sent unto thee,that ye be tested even in these things, as the Jews by mine Only Begotten, to prove you, saith the Lord, whether ye would be obedient unto me through my Spirit, saith the Lord, for it is that no man knoweth my will but by my Spirit, saith the Lord.
  7. The Latter-day Saints must Repent
  8. Wo unto you ye Latter-Day-Saints, for I prophesy that unless you repent and return to the first works that the time is not far distant that you shall be destroyed by The God of Israel in an earthquake and an over flowing scourge which shall annihilate your much touted holy ground, for the wrath of that mighty One of who I am a witness, is gathering against you that you cannot escape unless it is that you be rebaptized by the authority of the Higher Priesthood and the Apostleship which I have been given by the Father and the Son who have sent me. And it is when my mighty ones return the heavens shall wage war against the earth, and the wicked, yea the proud and them who rejoice in wickedness shall be cut off, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch, saith the Lord God, for the heavens are mighty and they who come shall burn them up, saith the Lord God of Hosts, for that war fought before the world was made shall continue upon the earth that all shall know with an resounding affirmation throughout all eternity, that there is none who standeth beside the might and power and glory of the Holy One of Jacob, who it is that speaketh through my mouth O Israel, as anciently. Therefore, wo! Wo! unto they, saith the Lord, that saith all is well in Zion, yea that crieth all is well, or who hearkeneth unto the precepts of men or who rely upon the arm of flesh, for cursed are all they that relieth on the arm of flesh, or who hearkeneth unto the precepts of men, save their precepts shall be given by the power of the Holy Ghost. For ye shall perish and the punishment of the false prophet, saith the Lord, shall be even as the punishment of him that seeketh unto him, even that of a Damned soul, saith the Lord God. Even so. Amen.
  9. In July of 2013 I was commanded to Sever the Ordinances of all the Holy People, this fulfilled Daniel 12 where the Man Clothed in Linen scatters the Power (Priesthood) of all the Holy People (LDS and Its Off Shoots )
  10. This is the Word of The Lord unto you Who are of Ephriam
  11. This is Jesus Speaking, 
  12. BECAUSE the Lord (The Lord of the whole Earth who is the Father) give unto you one gift, need not suppose that he cannot give another, for his work, neither his word is yet finished, that he cannot cause more to be written. Out of the mouths of two or three witnesses shall every word be established, saith the Lord of the whole earth.
  13. Therefore was he formed by my hand that I the Lord your God (The Father) should give unto you another gift, for having given the children of men one Gift (Jesus the Christ), ye need not suppose that I the Lord your God cannot give unto men
  14. another (The Second Witness, The Holy Ghost, Messiah ben Joseph ben Ephraim), for he (The Second Witness aka The Man like unto Moses) 
  15. For he also is in the similitude and very likeness of mine Only Begotten.
  16. For if ye receive him not, then ye shall not receive me, saith the Father.
  17. None Other Name
  18. For I the Father did cause it to be written that there is none other name given than Jesus who is mine Only Begotten son, that this pertaineth unto the Jews.
  19. For it was a trial unto them to believe in Jesus of Nazereth, even as it is a trial unto you, O ye Gentiles to believe these things.
  20. For I the Lord God am no respecter of persons.
  21. Therefore why is it O Ye saints of Israel that ye require the gateway to be broad unto you and narrow, even unto them?
  22. Another Gift For ye, even ye, garnish and praise the name of mine Only Begotten Son, and yet, when I the Father do send another gift unto you, ye do cry Blasphemy, even as did the Jews.
  23. For are ye better than they?
  24. I say unto you, nay.
  25. For ye, in your ignorance as to righteousness
  26. and your sloth do lift up your heel against Him who was as Him, yea mine Only Begotten in power, yea before the world was made, for He it was also with me from the beginning, saith the Father.
  27. For I am the Lord God of Israel, and not Judah only, saith the Lord, and ye O Ephraim, shall receive him whom I have sent, saith the Lord, or ye shall be cut off.
  28. One Mighty And Strong
  29. For He whom I have sent, even my servant, is that One Mighty and Strong who should come unto you, O Israel, as mine Only Begotten did come even unto the Jews.
  30. Therefore, see O Israel, that that which did come upon the Jews come not also upon you to the uttermost.
  31. (Speaking of the desolation that came upon the jews in 70 A.D.)
  32. For he was also with me from the beginning and I have given that he should speak words, yea eternal words for the salvation of the children of men, as my second witness.
  33. For out of the mouths of two or three witnesses shall every word be established, saith the Lord of the whole earth, even the Father.
  34. By their Fruits
  35. Thus saith the Lord, can a bitter fountain bring forth good water, or a can a man being evil, do that which is good?
  36. For it is, saith the Lord, that by their fruits ye shall know them.
  37. For the fruits of my spirit, saith the Lord, do they not testify of me, even Jesus Christ, whom ye have hitherto not known?
  38. And that which testifieth of me, is it not by me, saith the Lord God of Israel?
  39. The Re-Gathering
  40. For I am he that doth speak unto thee, through the medium of mine appointment as in times of old, O Israel, who have been scattered among the nations.
  41. Now is the time, saith the Lord, for thy regathering unto mine anointed as in times of old that I theLord God shall remember thee, O Israel, and lead thee by power such as has not been seen before or since, yea, even from Babylon with an outstretched arm as Moses, which is fallen.
  42. Therefore that which is sent of me, doth not conflict and contradict my words and my purposes which I have spoken through the mouths
  43. of others of my servants the Prophets, even Joseph Smith and others, concerning Israel, and anything which contradicteth these my servants who have gone before is of the devil and is false, saith the Lord God of Israel.
  44. Therefore that which is sent of me, saith the Lord, testifieth of me and my words and my purposes which change not, but they the false prophets do change my laws and ordinance to become friends with the world and to become popular. By this key Ye may detect the false prophets and apostles, for I the Lord will not vary from that which I have said, but am the same in all ages of the world, and the plan of salvation hath it not been exactly the same, for that which saved Abraham, even the law there of must save ye, O ye stiffnecked and unbelieving generation, for are ye not also the same, in thy unbelief before me, O foolish man, and O foolish woman?
  45. Through the Mouths of My Servants
  46. And it is that the evil one desireth through false administrators who have hijacked my church and lead many astray to contradict former revelation which even angels of glory are forbidden, neither can they do, saith the Lord.
  47. And anything which doth not teach men these things, even to believe in me and my words exactly as I have spoken them through the mouths of my servants, the Prophets of Israel, yea that which also doth not edify and thereby not testify of me, the life of the world, and the light there of, even Jesus of Nazereth who speaketh unto thee, O man, is of that evil one and is darkness, and produceth despair.
  48. And my word, is it not also quick and powerful, to the cutting asunder of both joints and marrow?
  49. Therefore it is given unto you to judge, that ye may know of me, even the author and finisher of your faith, whom the world in its wickedness hath not known, even Jesus of Nazareth, and if ye call good evil and evil, good, ye are no better than them that cast me out, even as a thief and a robber and as a vagabond without a home, for did I not cause it to be written that foxes have holes and birds nests, but it was that the Son of Man had not where even to lay his head, even I the first-born and the most intelligent of all the spirits which were begotten by the Father thereof?
  50. And thus it was a requirement that I, even I, Jesus the Christ, descend below all things, even that my people the Jews become my persecutors, that I might do the will of Him who sent me, who is greater than I, even the Father, that none might have excuse concerning the difficulty of the way at that great and last day.
  51. Even so, I drank out of that bitter cup, and I did cry mightily unto Him who sent me that this cup might pass, even from me, yet I the Lord God bowed my head and suffered that His will who is mightier than I, Yea, even my Father, who revealed himself unto me in that day, that even His will should be done, even unto the shedding of my blood in great drops upon the ground upon which men stand to this day in.
  52. Come Unto me and Drink from the Well of Living Water!
  53. And I will that all, rich and poor come unto me through my servants and drink from that well of living water spoken of.
  54. And he that recieveth my servants recieveth me, saith the Lord God of Israel.
  55. Remember, all powers and conferrals, priesthoods, or offices are hereby done away in me and one, even one, remaineth, that ye must receive your salvation and ordinances and conferrals from him who is appointed and any council or the effects thereof are hereby annuled, saith the Lord, that ye may know that I am your God and swear with an oath and will not repent, saith the Lord, that ye shall not enter into my rest except it be through my ser- vant, whom I have appointed.
  56. And when I the Lord God did speak unto my servant Joseph Smith, that it should be that no one should be appointed to receive Revelations and Commandments excepting my servant Joseph, I the Lord God did provide that he should abide in me, and that as long as he should abide in me, saith the Lord, then it was that he should be the one empowered to speak in my name, as moved upon by the Holy Ghost.
  57. And my servant Joseph, saith the Lord, did abide in me, even unto the end.
  58. Powers of the Priesthood
  59. And how much greater, saith the Lord, is my servant Joseph in mine eyes than those whom ye sustain to be your presidencies?
  60. For the powers of the Priesthood are inseparably connected with the powers of heaven, and may not be controlled nor handled except upon the principles of righteousness, saith the Lord God.
  61. And if it should be that the Presidencies of my church, saith the Lord, should fall into transgression, then they also, shall not have power to speak in my name, for the welfare and benefit of my Saints, or the members which comprise my Church, saith the Lord.
  62. For is it not written that I the Lord your God, even Jesus of Nazareth did say while in
  63. my power among the Jews, that if thine eye which seeth for thee, him that is appointed to watch over thee to show thee light, become a transgressor and offend thee, pluck him out?
  64. It is better for thee to enter into the kingdom of God, with one eye, than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire.
  65. And did I not speak unto my servant Joseph concerning the manuscript of the Book which he had been called upon to translate, that although a man may have many revelations, and have power to do many mighty works, yet if he boasts in his own strength, and sets at naught the counsels of God, and follows after the dictates of his own will and carnal desires, he must fall and incur the vengeance of a just God upon him?
  66. A Law Through All Time
  67. And how much greater, saith the Lord, was my servant Joseph than those whom ye, ye perverse and stiffnecked generation, sustain as your presidents?
  68. For even Lucifer, wast he not given authority, before the world was made?
  69. And did I the Father not cause him to be cast out, even though he be my son?
  70. And if I the Father of heaven and earth spared not them who were deceived from before the foundation of the world, do ye imagine in your hearts O vain man, that I will spare thee, even if it should be that all perish?
  71. Yea, even though it should be easier that a hand be cut off, yet it be better to retain heaven with one hand than to be cast out with two, saith the Lord.
  72. And this hath been a law through all time and also throughout all eternity, among them who are Gods and the Sons of God, even Eloheim.
  73. A Stiffnecked and Perverse Generation
  74. Are ye, ye stiffnecked and perverse generation, different than they in your iniquity? 
  75. For all of my servants the Prophets have
  76. been first cast out from your churches and synagogues, O Israel, and then stoned and
  77. crucified and persecuted when it was that they dared when moved upon by the Holy Ghost to speak against them whom ye lift up as your Presidencies who had gone contrary to the covenants which I the Lord God did make with their fathers, even Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
  78. And it was that Paul was smitten by them when speaking concerning their High Priest, as well as mine Only Son begotten in the flesh, saith the Father, wast he not smitten across the mouth by the guard for impertinence?
  79. And so it is with you, O ye ignorant, haughty and stiffnecked generation concerning him who wast reserved from before the foundation of the world that he should come unto thee, O Ephraim, to save and redeem thee by power which hath not been seen since the days of my son Enoch, who shall return with ten- thousand of the saints in this day, saith the Lord God.
  80. O Ephraim
  81. For it is that my servant, is he not One mighty and strong to thy salvation, O Ephraim, from the chains of the bondsman which doth afflict thee night and day ?
  82. And is not thy slavery O Ephraim, worse than that of Pharoah?
  83. For it is that the elements shall move hither and thither at his command in that day when it is that I the Lord God of Jacob shall speak from his mouth with thunder in that day, saith the Lord God.
  84. But ye must come unto me, even thy God, O Israel, and it is that in this day, I the Lord God will extend my arm for thy deliverance from Babylon, O Ephraim, as prophesied by my servant Brigham Young, one of the greatest of my servants to walk the earth.
  85. And as I said concerning thy High Priest, were not my servants Peter, James and John, were they not put into prison for preaching sedition against the High Priest, O Ephraim?
  86. Are ye better than the Jews, my chosen?
  87. For were they not the sons of Abraham,
  88. likeunto thee O Ephraim?
  89. And was not him who was reserved also
  90. smitten like unto them of old by his hometeacher, and did not the police of this day disregard these things as anciently, O Ephraim?
  91. And this thing also was for preaching sedition concerning thy High Priest, O Ephraim, who is like unto Caiaphas, who sitteth in the temple of God, as writtenby my servant Paul in the second Chapter of the Book of the letter to the Thesselonians in that day, saith the Lord God?
  92. And was it not that this should come to pass before the day of mine advent as prophesied by my servant that it should come in this generation that now standest upon the earth.
  93. And is not that son of perdition, that sitteth, revealed by these words of mine, saith the Lord?
  94. Armies and Navies
  95. For thou in thy wickedness, O Ephraim, have exceeded anything concerning that which I the Lord God have spoken concerning any other people.
  96. And it is for this idolotry that ye shall be smitten from generation to generation, if ye repent not and come unto me through him who wast appointed unto thee, even for this purpose wast he sent, as was Jesus unto the Jews.
  97. For are ye different than they, O Ephraim?
  98. For ye imagine up in thy heart that if ye had lived in the days of the Prophets and Apostles, that were with me in my power in that day, that ye would not have partaken with that generation of the innocent blood.
  99. And yet have ye not lifted up your hands against him who was sent as mine Only Begotten, reserved for thy salvation from before the foundation of the world, O Ephraim?
  100. And is not mine adversary the Prince of this world?
  101. For mine adversary, saith the Lord, did buy up armies and navies, Pharisees, Saducees,
  102. High Priests, Presidents of Priesthoods, all that he may reign with blood and horror on this earth!
  103. And how is it that ye are different than they, O ye stiffnecked and perverse generation, who have also been deceived?
  104. Mine Anointed
  105. For it hath been a requirement of mine Anointed in all ages of the world to descend below all things, and how are these things possible if it is that he does not descend below the generation in which he lives?
  106. For wo unto you when all men speak well of you, and blessed are you when all men revile against you falsely for my name's sake, for so did their fathers unto the prophets which were sent, even unto them, O Ephraim?
  107. And did not I the Lord God say through the mouth of my servant, Wo unto him who is at ease in Zion, yea, wo unto him who saith all is well in Zion, yea, all is well, Zion prospereth!
  108. And are not these thy words at this time, saith the Lord God of battles and burnings?
  109. Yea, what meanest thou O man, was not my servant, Nephi, a prophet also, when I the Lord God did move upon him by the power of my spirit which is as a consuming fire, which did cause even his mighty frame, that it should quake from the power thereof?
  110. For he, even he, did he not prophesy of thee also, O Ephraim, or ye who call themselves Latter-Day-Saints, even at this time?
  111. Before the Foundation of the World
  112. For it is that I the Lord God have known the end from the beginning, even before the foundation of the world, have I known thee.
  113. Therefor repent, repent, lest unhappily ye find yourselves in that torment which shall consume thee as a consuming fire, O ye rebellious children who are full of iniquity!
  114. For hath it not been written, that by the weak and the simple and the despised things of the earth, that I the Lord God would thrash the nations by the power of my Spirit?
  115. And are ye not a nation unto me, O Ephraim, that ye should come out of her, even Babylon, and take thy place among the nations as the queen thou art, O Ephraim, Ephraim, my beloved from before the foundation of the world?
  116. For thou, even thou art my beloved, saith the Lord God of Israel.
  117. For wast it not that Enoch was slow of speech, even that the people did hate him?
  118. And did not my servant Moses, stutter, and this because of his meekness before the people?
  119. And was not my servant David but a boy when he did slay Goliath?
  120. And was not mine Only Begotten considered to be the least in the Kingdom of Heaven by them who thrust him out and would not feed him that he wandered alone in the desert without friend among men, being tormented because of the exquisite truth and power which was his to wield for the salvation of mankind, and they did crucify him, O man?
  121. War in Heaven
  122. And thus the warfare which began before the foundation of the world, hath it not been continued here, O man against the Holy Priesthood of the Son of God and shall not be ended until one or the other is bound and driven from off the earth.
  123. But them who do serve me, saith the Lord, shall receive Eternal Life with the Father and the Sons and Daughters of God!
  124. But them who hate me, saith the Lord, shall receive Eternal Death, and shall dwell with the Devil and his Sons, for all eternity, if it should be that they will not repent and be obedient unto mine ordinances, saith the Lord.
  125. And their worm dieth not and their torment is as a lake of fire and brimstone.
  126. And the end thereof no man knoweth, save he shall be made a partaker thereof.
  127. And this key, saith the Lord, I give unto thee, O man, that ye may be able to discern any influence, whether it be from that Evil One, or from my Spirit, saith the Lord.
  128. That which causeth your souls to expand and to believe in the Sons of God, ye may know with a perfect knowledge that it is sent by the gift and power of God for the salvation of the sons and daughters of men, and on the contrariwise, that which doth cause pain and distress of soul and despair and that which causeth you, O man, to turn away from the God that made you is not of me, saith the Lord, but is of that Evil One.
  129. Bodies which are Celestial
  130. For he desireth your destruction O man, and if ye are ensnared by him, ye must perish, saith the Lord.
  131. And this despair and lack of hope cometh because of iniquity and unbelief, and doth produce death, both spiritually and physically, saith the Lord.
  132. Therefore if the words of a man edify and give hope and light and life, then ye may know it is of God, but if a man's words cause despair and take away hope and faith in God, then ye may know it is not of me, saith the Lord.
  133. And that light which filleth the immensity of space is the same light which quickeneth your understandings, saith the Lord, and proceedeth from me, even the author thereof.
  134. And those bodies which are Celestial, which are filled with light, comprehendeth all things, and they are Gods, for all things are theirs, whether life or death,for all power is given unto them who be Gods, even the sons and daughters of God.
  135. The Head
  136. And man, not the woman is the crown of creation, saith the Lord God, and she shall submit unto me through the man, even the Lord God the mightiest of all, or she shall be removed out of her place and another woman more worthy of my glory shall stand beside the man, whom I the Lord God have created in mine own image.
  137. And that spirit which leadeth the woman to assert herself independant of man, whom I have formed after mine own image, the glory of my form cannot be withstood by the earth in its present form, is that devil spoken of, even the enemy of all that which is right and just and good, and unless she shall free herself from this delusion taught even at this time among the children of men, which is which is contrary to that Order among he sons and the daughters of God, which Order is called Patriarchal, which is the order which exists among them who are in heaven, she shall be destroyed by me, saith the Lord God of burnings and might and honor.
  138. For I will not be mocked by the ignorant and foolish of the children of men who know not my ways nor do they know of my thoughts, saith the Lord God.
  139. For my ways are not your ways, saith the Lord, and my thoughts are not your thoughts O man, and O woman, who art in rebellion even in these and other things at this present time.
  140. And unless ye repent of these false teachers, ye shall be destroyed, saith the Lord.
  141. To Receive a Prophet
  142. Any man who recieves a Prophet whether he be of God or of another spirit should seek to know whether that prophet be of God or some other spirit. If he treats the False Prophet lightly, he would also treat the true one lightly. But if that man who receives the Prophet hear the words of that prophet, and seeks to know the fruits of that prophet, and then after he spends time sincerely striving to know if that prophet be of God or any other, He shall go in Prayer after he has studied the matter out, and if that prophet be of God, The Spirit will burn with in him that he may know and the fruit of Love and Peace will come into his heart that he may know, but if that Prophet be false or Fallen, the spirit will withdraw from him and leave him if he believes the false prophet. Then the spirit of anxiety, depression and darkness come upon him that he may know the thing he believed is wrong. But Believe is ke y. and withholding Judgement until God reveals to you truth is also key. That man who will judge and will not believe will have a harder time getting the answer. God says if you lack wisdom as me, but not to be double minded, He says to study it out and he says you take no thought save only to pray, but that we must study it out, then ask.
  143. A Glorified and Exalted Man
  144. For I, even I, am a glorified and exalted man, saith the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and I have not changed nor will I, but I am the same, yesterday, today and forever, saith the Lord God of Israel, and Judah, for I, even I, did appear unto the Patriarchs of Old, and did show unto them, also, my glory.
  145. And as I said concerning the sons and daughters of God, they speak and it is done, and they move though the immensity of space and time at will, and they move, saith the Lord, faster than thought, and they possess all power, might and intelligence, and nothing can withstand them and at their presence all things flee away unless quickened by them, and are consumed from the might of their glory, of which the sun at noonday is typical in comparison.
  146. Yea, even the earth upon which thou standest, O man, shall be consumed at their appearance unto thee at the last day.
  147. For did not my servant behold us in that
  148. day that we spake unto him from out of the heavens, and did he not behold our glory, his frame being quickened by us that he could withstand our presence, which in the might thereof, the tongue of man cannot form?
  149. And thus he, even he is an eyewitness of our glory as them of old, for he stood in our presence, and we did converse with him face to face in our own tongue.
  150. And he too shall assume his rightful place among the sons and daughters of God for we have proved him, saith the Lord, for he also was with us from the beginning, and was ordained by us that he should come unto thee, O man, at this time, that he should testify unto thee that he has seen for himself as them which are fabled among men, even them of Old.
  151. Life and Intelligence
  152. For ye shall also be partakers of life with us, yea, even that life which surpasseth all understanding as soon as ye are sanctified through the words which we shall speak unto thee, O man, through the mouth of our anointed prophet, even he who is that one who should come unto thee O man, that thou shouldest partake with us of that life and intelligence and power which the mind of man cannot comprehend in the glory and might and majesty and power thereof.
  153. And it is the desire of that Evil One that ye be kept from a knowledge of these things, that ye be kept in darkness, death and despair.
  154. And the operations of that Evil One are detected through the medium of mine anointed, even my servant, who is that One mighty and also strong prophesied that he should come unto thee.
  155. For it is that that old serpent the devil, transformeth himself into an angel of light, and his ministers, yea of that which is known as Christianity which doctrines are an abomination in my sight, saith the Lord into
  156. ministers of righteousness, that the whole world lieth and groaneth even now in sin.
  157. And sin is rebellion against light and truth, and knowledge and is darkness.
  158. And these things are detected through the medium of mine appointment.
  159. This Promise I give unto Thee
  160. And thus, O man, ye are helpless against these things, except ye be obedient unto them who are empowered by me to detect and rebuke these things that ye be edified and be comforted and have life which shall swell your souls, that ye expand in light and truth and life, and this promise I give unto thee, that ye also shall behold my glory and enter into my presence through the medium of mine appointment, which is after the Order of Melchizedec, saith the Lord.
  161. For he hath come unto thee that ye shall be redeemed up into my presence as anciently.
  162. And if ye are obedient unto me through him whom I the Lord God have chosen, ye shall have an escape and ye shall be sheltered as a hen doth shelter her chicks under her wing even from the buffetings of Satan.
  163. And it is that those who go on in their rebellion against mine anointed shall receive of the second death, if they repent not, which is the death of the spirit, which is the total anhialation thereof back to its native element from which it was begotten in that day that I did Create it from the intellegence which is eternal, for the devil desireth that ye partake with him of these things.
  164. Therefore that which produceth life and stability and faith and a sound mind and courage, and hope and peace and love and joy and power and glory and honor and might and intelligence is of me, even the Father thereof, and that which produceth death and the effects there of which are despair, and lack of hope and doubtings and anguish of soul and fear, and troubles, and tremblings and buffetings and uneasiness of mind and heart and soul and pain, and verily anything which doth not edify is not of me and is darkness, saith the Lord God of Israel, and is of the devil, even the author of death and the effects there of which are this despair, and lack of hope, and anguish of soul and fear, and troubles, and tremblings and buffetings and uneasiness of mind and heart and soul, these things, are they not of that evil one, saith the Lord?
  165. Receive it with Joy
  166. For by their fruits ye shall know them.
  167. And uneasy loud emotion and exclamations, and shoutings are not of me, saith the Lord.
  168. But righteous rebuke and anger against uncleaness is of me, for mine Only Begotten, wast he not full of the rebuke of the Lord?
  169. And did they not crucify him because of these things?
  170. There for if ye are rebuked by me, receive it with joy, for thus are ye accounted worthy to be my sons and my daughters, saith the Lord God.
  171. For what father among you correcteth not his children whom he loveth and this in his anxiety for their welfare as his own that they perish not?
  172. Therefore if ye are rebuked by him receive it with gladness for it shall work upon thy soul for thy good, if ye receive it without anger and railings, saith the Lord, and ye shall be my children, even sons and daughters of the Most High.
  173. But if it so be that ye go on in your rebel- lion against me, saith the Lord, and mine anointed, then ye shall be thrust down into that hell spoken of and ye shall not escape, even the buffetings of Satan until that which is known as the second resurrection.
  174. And the chains there of, even hell, do they not bind your minds and souls even now unto destruction, saith the Lord?
  175. And a little child, Satan hath no power over, therefore, ye must become as little children and be rebaptized for a remission of sins by mine anointed, even my servant, and those who are ordained by him unto this power, and none else, for straight is the gate, and truly, narrow is the way, saith the Lord God.
  176. My Warriors
  177. And he that will harden his heart against these things, and go on in the blindness of his mind, must perish, saith the Lord, with them who are wise and prudent and lifted up in the pride and cares of the world, even your merchants, your doctors, and your lawyers and your scribes, and pharisees, and your teachers, and your politicians, and all those who do uphold that which is known as Babylon the Great, who are mine enemies, saith the Lord, who are pillars which uphold the kingdoms of this world, which are of the devil, and who did Tempt mine Only Begotten and say unto him, all these are kingdoms and they are mine, and who did crucify mine Only Begotten in that day because of his so called offense against their order, and to which my people Israel are enslaved, even Zion and are trodden under foot by them at this time, saith the Lord God of Israel.
  178. For would not the wicked and ignorant of the children men trod under foot the very God of Israel if in their power?
  179. And for this reason they shall be ground, even into powder by my warriors, who are full of honor, saith the Lord.
  180. For is thy slavery, O my people, not worse than that of Pharoah?
  181. And did I not prophesy these things through the mouth of my servant Moses, in the Book of Deuteronomy in that day?
  182. And these, servants of the world, if they retreat not from their stand, shall suffer the second death, for who shall withstand the Holy One of Israel, who is a consuming fire of those who are mine enemies as in the days of Pharaoh.
  183. All Ages of the World
  184. And this hath been my gospel, saith the Lord, in all ages of the world upon which thou standest.
  185. And now as I said concerning your Presidencies, saith the Lord, that if it should be that they should wholly depart from my counsels unto them, in the hardness of their hearts, and the blindness of their minds, which thing hath afflicted almost all of your authorities from the time of Joseph Smith, that they shall not have power to appoint another in the stead there of.
  186. For there is an end to their priesthood, if they should cause themselves to be severed from the heavens.
  187. And it was that even my servant Joseph did plead long and hard unto me concerning the manuscript, in the which I did grant unto him that which did prove to be a snare and a curse instead of a blessing, saith the Lord.
  188. And in this day, saith the Lord, them who ye unlawfully sustain as your Presidencies, did also plead long and hard, even as my servant Joseph, for that which was not right, and I the Lord God did grant that which should be a snare unto their souls, even in these things, yea, even unto their destruction.
  189. And how much greater was my servant Joseph, than them whom ye sustain as your presidents, saith the Lord?
  190. A Snare and a Curse
  191. For did I the Lord God not speak through the mouth of my servant as he known among men, Ezekiel, that if the Prophet be deceived when he hath spoken a thing, I the Lord have deceived that prophet, that I may take the House of Israel in their own heart, saith the Lord , because they are all estranged from me through their idols, in the which they do live, saith the Lord, delisciously with Babylon the Great, and seek even the praise and honor of the world?
  192. And this is recorded in the 14th Chapter of the Book of Ezekiel, the ninth verse. For did I the Lord God not also grant unto Israel, through Samuel, my servant, who saw much affliction because of the wickedness of the Children of Israel in his days, that they also should have a king like unto other nations, which wast the desires of their hearts?
  193. And did this also not prove to be a snare and a curse unto them, for how oft was Israel led astray through the wickedness of her kings?
  194. Utah Statehood
  195. And did not Utah, saith the Lord, desire to become a state like unto all other states, and for this cause ye did forsake my law, even that of Abraham, O ye Latter Day Saints, yea, even that which ye, O ye Gentiles call polygamy, even as Israel hath forsaken my statutes and my judgments in all ages of the world and have even gone whoring after strange gods?
  196. And your presidencies, saith the Lord, have hearkened unto the voices of them whom I did not send, they did bow unto the clamor that those who call themselves Latter Day Saints should become in the abominations there of like unto all other nations who in their wisdom know not God, and his righteous decrees concerning the nations and their boundaries and habitations which were before set by me and councils of the Sons of God before the world was made, even by them, saith the Lord God of Israel.
  197. In the Days of Pharoah
  198. And it is for this reason that I the Lord God of Israel have raised up my servant, that he shall call down that which shall destroy mine enemies, even in times of old, yea even that of Elijah, my Son.
  199. And ye shall hearken unto his words, saith the Lord, unto my people who are called Latter Day Saints, or ye shall be cut off, yea forever and cast into the fire, saith the Lord God, who is mighty to the consuming of those who fight against me as in the days of Pharoah.
  200. And none shall stay him, saith the Lord, for he is a warrior of my house, who wast mighty and also strong to the confounding of Lucifer before the world was made, and who shall fight you in the fury and might of the Spirit of the Lord of Hosts, even shall he be as a bull in a net, full of the fury of the Lord, against them who live in the fear of the world.
  201. Ye are Led Astray
  202. Yea, even now, O Israel, ye are led astray through them whom ye lift in the praise there of, even more than kings, and whom you worship in the temple of God as God, which thing hath provoked me in my wrath, saith the Lord, that I have decreed that ye shall be destroyed, saith the Lord, except ye shall repent and come unto me through him whom I have appointed.
  203. And these things have I the Lord God spoken concerning him who wast reserved as a vessel of wrath, even as Pharoah, from before the foundation of the world, whom ye unrighteously revere as a type of the Son of God.
  204. And thus is my name continually blasphemed every day by them.
  205. No Other Gods Before Me
  206. For did I not say through Moses my servant, that ye shall have no other Gods before me, and yet ye run after the error of Balaam and the reward of Core, even in these things?
  207. Verily thus saith the Lord God unto you, O Israel, that ye be a separate anddistinct people unto me and that ye not mingle your seed with the seed of Cain and that ye cast them out from my House that mine House be no more defiled and polluted, even in these things.
  208. For it is not my will, saith the Lord, that Cain come in with you and partake with you of your blessings, O Israel, until the redemption of the earth and until all the other sons and daughters of Adam have received of their blessings.
  209. For this hath been my law, and shall be, saith the Lord, throughout all eternity.
  210. And whosoever knowingly shall transgress against this law, saith the Lord, shall
  211. receive the curse thereof upon him and upon his seed forever.
  212. And this according to the curse which I the Lord God did put upon Ham and his seed through the mouth of my servant Noah, your Father.
  213. For how much greater, saith the Lord, was my servant Noah than those whom you sustain as your presidents?
  214. Father Adam, Who is God
  215. For, saith the Lord, that the curse should be removed, it would require one like unto Noah in authority that he should remove it, and there was none greater, excepting Father Adam, who is God, even the Father of both heaven and earth.
  216. For he, even He, O man, is the Father of heaven and the Father of earth.
  217. And this is life eternal that they might know thee, O my Father, and thy sons whom thou hast sent, even Jesus who is named the Christ, and that they might know also of that One who is mighty and who is strong, who even now standeth among the children of men and they know him not, even as they know not thee who hast sent them, nor did they know thy son Noah, when it was that he stood among the children of men, that they should be warned of that which thou didst intend to do.
  218. Worlds Without End
  219. For thus saith the Lord, if he said unto them whom the word of God should come ye are Gods, why say ye that I blaspheme when I say that the sons of God are one with the Father, even as the Only Begotten who is one of his sons, prayed that they would become, even as they, in might and intelligence and power, worlds without end?
  220. And which of the sons of God hath the world not hated and scourged, saith the Father? 
  221. And it is that the Sons of Ham shall not partake of these things, saith the Father, for they, even they, are upheld and praised by the world even at this time, even as the sons of Cain, before the flood.
  222. And thus he who is friends with the world, even in these things is verily mine enemy, saith the Father, and shall be, even unto their destruction.
  223. For it was that before the flood, the sons of men did take unto them wives which were of the seed of Cain, and did provoke me in my wrath, even in these things, for it was that all of the earth had gone after this exceeding great error, and it was that their seed, yea, even all the earth wast in danger of being polluted and receiving the curse thereof that the plan of salvation would thereby become frustrated.
  224. And it was that one of the sons of Noah who it was preached against these things, that he was verily hated of the people for his supposed ignorance and biggotry, yea even one of his sons, even Ham, also did take to wife one of the daughters of Cain, and the daughters of Noah did also pollute themselves through their marriages.
  225. And in these things was my servant Noah vexed exceedingly, even sorely did he cry unto me concerning the vexation of his spirit in these things, even night and day did he cry unto me.
  226. A Pure and Holy People
  227. And thus he did suffer exceedingly, even as mine Only Begotten did suffer, because of the wickedness of the children of men.
  228. And it repented Noah that God had made man to walk upon the earth, even in mine own image.
  229. And thus did I the Father send in the flood upon them that the inheritance of mine anointed might be preserved, and the promises might be fulfilled which had been made unto them, that through his seed, mine Only Begotten should be born. 
  230. And this would not have been possible had the Curse of Cain taken effect upon all the inhabitants of the earth.
  231. And thus the earth would have become lost forever had not the flood come in upon the land.
  232. And I the Lord God did suffer that the curse of Cain should be preserved in the land through Ham and his wife Egyptus that they were of the eight who were saved by water, even in the Ark were they saved along with Shem, who is Melchizedec, and Japeth, the other son of Noah and their wives.
  233. And the ark even now resteth, saith the Lord, upon the top of the Mountain which is known as Arrarat, even unto this day, as recorded in the writings of Josephus, my servant, in the land now known as Armenia, saith the Lord.
  234. And the land of Egypt taketh its name from the wife of Ham, for the pharaohs were descended from Ham and the land there of did lie under water.
  235. And the pharoahs, saith the Lord, did copy that form of government which is known as Patriarchal, and would fain claim the Priesthood through Ham by Noah.
  236. And thus the curse was preserved in the land and shall not be removed by mine authority, but shall continue until the end of the world, saith the Lord God of Israel, my chosen from before the foundation of the world.
  237. And I the Lord God did reserve the Land of Africa for the seed of Ham and their posterity forever, and it is not right that the Chosen Seed mix with Ham or the Gentiles, nor should Ham mix with Japeth, the Gentiles, saith the Lord.
  238. For this purpose did I the Lord God place the barrier of color to separate Shem, my chosen, through whom the promises and the blessings made unto the Fathers were preserved.
  239. And it is that a skin of blackness was placed upon Ham and his seed, which thing hath always followed them who be apostates from the Holy Priesthood after the Order of the Son of God. And this mark hath been upon them in all ages of the world, saith the Lord, that my people who are of the House of Israel should not desire them to mix their seed with them, that they and their children should be a pure and holy people unto me, forever undefiled.
  240. Man's Puny Arm
  241. For I the Lord God am the author of the races, and who is it, saith the Lord, that stretchest forth his puny arm, to alter the decrees of the Most High which were made from before the foundation of the world?
  242. For it was that the spirits of men were segregated according to valiance and also intelligence in races and grades, and that teaching that all men are the same is an abomination in my sight, saith the Lord, for ye, even ye, O man, who dare raise thy head in ignorance of my power in these things, yea, even my sovereignty over the nations shall be ground into powder when it is that more than twelve legions of my little ones shall reap down thy earth, O man and O woman, whose hearts bleed for Cain, the first murderer.
  243. Yea for ye shall be consumed at that day which shall burn as an oven.
  244. For as in the days of Noah, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be.
  245. For it is that my decrees shall not be abrogated nor done away with by the weak and ignoble and ignorant of the children of men, who have no voice, saith the Lord.
  246. And my word which I have spoken in this day by my servant shall not return unto me void, saith the Lord of the races of men.
  247. Them Who Call Themselves Saints
  248. And now concerning them who call themselves saints of the Most High, did I not speak unto my servant that cursed is he that relieth upon the arm of flesh or he that maketh flesh his arm?
  249. How is it O Israel, that ye cannot hear when I the Lord your God speak unto thee out of the heavens?
  250. Did not my servant Joseph and also Brigham, speak unto them who comprised my Saints, saith the Lord that they depended on the prophet, and did not seek unto me for themselves, hence their minds were darkened, and this because of the neglect of the things which were delegated unto them?
  251. For it, saith the Lord, is appointed unto every tub, that it shall stand upon its own bottom, saith the Lord. 
  252. Yea, know ye not that mine anointed is but a man, and that even Moses required that his arms be supported in the weight there of?
  253. And did not my servant Moses exclaim, Would to God that all of Israel were prophets?
  254. And did he not pray unto me that I the Lord God should grant unto the Seventy, that they also should prophesy and share the burden?
  255. And did I the Lord not place my spirit also upon them?
  256. And was not my servant Moses, who was in the similitude of mine Only Begotten not comforted in these things?
  257. And how much greater was my servant Moses, than them who ye sustain as your presidents?
  258. Have I not spoken and said time after time, that he that is commanded in all things is a slothful and an unwise servant?
  259. The Lord hath a Mighty and Strong One
  260. O ye wicked and perverse and stiffnecked generation who are full of lies and iniquity, saith the Lord, your refuge of lies in the which ye cover yourselves, and say unto this people, who seeth us or who knoweth us shall be swept away by a tempest of hail and a destroying storm which shall sweep away the lies and the waters shall sweep away even your refuge, saith the Lord.
  261. For the Lord God hath a mighty and strong one, even as I the Lord God did speak through the mouth of Isaiah, my servant who is even now with me.
  262. For upon his gaze, saith the Lord, did burst a vision of futurity in the which he did see that Ephraim, even Ephraim, should be gathered out of the nations upon the head of the fat valley's.
  263. And verily, this prophecy contained in the 28th Chapter there of is fulfilled in your ears.
  264. Whom Shall He Teach Knowledge?
  265. For whom shall he teach knowledge?
  266. and whom shall he make to understand doctrine?
  267. For by his knowledge shall my righteous servant save many, saith the Lord God, even them that are weaned from the milk and drawn from the breasts, even Sarai.
  268. And did I not reveal unto my servant Joseph that that which contradicts a former revelation is false even though it be from an angel from heaven?
  269. And how much greater is an angel from heaven than them who ye sustain and your presidents, saith the Lord?
  270. Them Which are False Prophets
  271. For behold, my servants the prophets see in part and know in part, but mine angels, saith the Lord, see face to face and thereby know much that is truth, for they behold my glory.
  272. And them which are false prophets see not at all, but divine lies, and behold, saith the Lord, how is it that ye in your hearts do worship them, when it was that John my Beloved, who would fain have worshipped my messenger on the Isle of Patmos was forbidden, even though his voice shook the ground upon which he stood, and the brightness of his appearing wast beyond all imagination?
  273. And did I the Lord not speak through the mouth of my servant Joseph that I the Lord God would send one Mighty and Strong, even unto thee, O Israel, and did not the knowledge there of, even the might of my spirit cause the bones of my servant to quake from the power there of and did it not cause even his mighty
  274. frame to quake, yea from the glory of my power, saith the Lord?
  275. President of the Church
  276. While that man who was called of God and appointed, even the President of my Church, saith the Lord, yea even him who did unrighteously contrary to my will, who did stretch forth his hand to steady the ark of God, did I the Lord God not speak that he should be smitten by the shaft of death as by the vivid shaft of lightning?
  277. And did I the Lord God not smite him, and did I the Lord God not put the life of thy president, even Spencer W. Kimball, who is a son of perdition, saith the Lord God of Israel, into the hands of him whom I, the Lord God have reserved and given unto him power, even the scepter there of, even of David?
  278. For he is a descendant partly of David and also Ephraim, as is spoken by Isaiah, and thus the keys of the Priesthood are his, by lineage and by right, saith the Lord God of the Whole earth. 
  279. And did not my servant the Rod not plead unto me for his life, and this in fear and trembling before me, of my my power unto destruction, both spirit and body which he did behold was the fate thereof, that his life, even that false prophet be spared?
  280. My Second Born
  281. And thus that which is recorded in the 85th section of that known as the Doctrine and Covenants, is it not fulfilled in your ears, saith the Lord?
  282. And these things despite the reverence which ye have for your President, saith the Lord God.
  283. For I am no respector of persons, saith the Lord, and because ye, O ye Latter Day Saints hold men's persons in admiration because of advantage in these things, ye, even ye, saith the Lord, shall be smitten from generation to generation if ye reject him whom I have sent unto thee, O Zion, my second born at this time.
  284. One Shall Stand to Judge Ephraim
  285. For did I the Lord not send mine Only Begotten unto the Jews, saith the Lord, and did they not reject him who was appointed, my firstborn, by me, saith the Father, and did they not have their High Priest also, even as ye, O Ephraim?
  286. For it is that Mine Only Begotten and that One Mighty and Strong have they not been twin brethren from before the foundation of the world, saith the Lord of the whole earth?
  287. And it is that One shall stand to judge Ephraim, and One Judah, and they are One with me, my two witnesses from before the foundation of the world, saith the Father.
  288. And which is greater, for out of the mouths of these two witnesses shall every word be established, saith the Lord God who is the Father of both heaven and of earth.
  289. And thus it is that that One mighty and strong should be sent unto thee,that ye be tested even in these things, as the Jews by mine Only Begotten, to prove you, saith the Lord, whether ye would be obedient unto me through my Spirit, saith the Lord, for it is that no man knoweth my will but by my Spirit, saith the Lord.
  290. Ye, Oh Ephraim
  291. For it was that ye, O Ephraim, were scattered among the nations of the Gentiles when it was that I the Father of heaven and of earth did send mine Only Begotten unto them, and I the Father am no respector of persons, even in the great test.
  292. And thus it is that that One mighty and strong should come unto thee, that ye be tested even in these things, to prove you, saith the Lord, whether ye would make the same mistake as them of old, or whether ye would be obedient unto me through my Spirit, saith the Lord, in all things whatosever I the Lord your God, should command you.
  293. For is it that ye are different than the Jews, O Ephraim, for unto thee belongeth the birthright, even of Jacob, my chosen, even from before the foundation of the world was it given unto thee, O Israel, that ye should come forth and prove yourselves, even at this time, as did the Jews theirs?
  294. And did not I the Lord god not speak through the mouth of my servant Joseph that many would be hoisted into power within my Church, who have broken the New and Everlasting Covenant at this time, and these things because of the money and the worldly learning which they seemed to be in possession of?
  295. And thus the devil, is he not transformed into an angel of light, even in these things, and doth he, the devil, not transform his ministers into ministers of righteousness?
  296. The Scepter Which he doth Hold
  297. For it was that my servant Joseph Smith and Brigham Young prophesied these things that they should come to pass, and that One Mighty and Strong, that he should come to set in order the Church, by the power of the scepter which he doth hold in his hand, even the keys of the Apostleship, which he doth hold for his generation as Peter at the gate, doth he hold judgment for this generation.
  298. And ye shall be redeemed by power as in days of old, even as Enoch and Moses, when I the Lord God shall speak through his mouth in that day, saith the Lord.
  299. And ye shall receive him, saith the Lord, or ye shall be damned and cut of from first to last as the Jews.
  300. For he is also a tried and precious stone, also rejected by the builders, as was mine Only Begotten, who is now with me, saith the Father.
  301. And thus it is that my friends, saith the Lord, have been cast out from among thy midst, as anciently, O Israel.
  302. And did I the Lord God not reveal unto my servants, Joseph, Heber, and John that the sons of Cain shall not have right unto the Priesthood nor their generations until after that which is known as the millennium among men?
  303. There fore by this key, saith the Lord, the devil may be detected even though he should appear unto thee as an angel of light.
  304. And how much less, saith the Lord, are your Presidencies than an angel of light?
  305. And how much less are they than Brigham, Heber and John Taylor?
  306. Yea, thus saith the Lord, think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am come not to destroy, but to fulfill.
  307. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall not pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.
  308. Yea, thus saith the Lord, have all things been fulfilled?
  309. Behold I say unto you, nay.
  310. For has the millennium, even the thousand years of peace, hath it passed, or hath it been fulfilled?
  311. I the Lord thy God, who maketh the heavens and the earth and set them in their proper frame and orbits say unto you, O man, nay.
  312. Hath the earth received her resurrection and her final reward?
  313. I say unto thee, O man, who walketh about in darkness at noonday, nay.
  314. Have all the sons and daughters of Adam received of the blessings which shall be theirs.
  315. I say unto thee, O man, nay.
  316. And it is not until all these things, even that which hath been spoken by the mouths of my servants the prophets be fulfilled that the Sons of Cain, the first murderer, shall receive of the blessings of the Priesthood of the Son of God, and then they shall be resurrected to receive of that which hath been appointed unto them from before the foundation of the world.
  317. For the blood of righteous Abel did cry up unto me, even in these things.
  318. And it is because of unbelief that this great wickedness hath come among you, even at this time.
  319. Whosoever shall therefor break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven: But whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.
  320. Those Ye Sustain
  321. And how much greater, saith the Lord, is my servant, than those whom ye sustain as your Presidencies?
  322. For the keys, even of the Kingdom of God have been taken, even from them, and given unto him who shall do my will, and believed in my words and my works from before the foundation of the world, saith the Lord God of Israel, even unto my servant have they been given, that he may prove unto you, O man, that I the Lord thy God am the same, yesterday, today, and forever.
  323. For, saith the Lord, there is no agency except their own wicked hearts of unbelief, in your prophets at all, but they, even they, are as wood and stone.
  324. Therefore it is, O Israel, that for this idolotry, that ye shall be cut off from under the heavens, if it so be that ye continue on in the stubborness and rebellion of your hearts.
  325. Raise Not Your Heel Against Mine Anointed
  326. Therefore mock not, for all shall be consumed at that day, and he who fights against Zion shall be damned and burned.
  327. Therefore beware that ye raise not your heel against mine anointed, and judge no longer after appearances, for do I not cover the heavens with sackcloth and make the rivers to dry up that the fish stink, that ye may know of my power?
  328. And I will prove them and see who is acquainted with my voice.
  329. For my voice is my spirit.
  330. And whoso hearkeneth unto the voice of my spirit, these are they who inherit Celestial glory with me, saith the Lord.
  331. And all those who are not acquainted with my voice are not of me.
  332. And I will prove them, saith the Lord, and I will prove them, whether they shall be obedient unto whatsoever I shall command them.
  333. And how shall I command except by my voice, saith the Lord?
  334. And again I say that my voice is my Spirit.
  335. Therefore, whosoever is unacquainted with my spirit, how shall they obtain the knowledge wherein that they may know how that they should act according to my will, or as is commonly spoken of, work?
  336. For if they be not acquainted with my voice, then their works are not according to the commandments given through the power of my voice, and every man shall be judged according to his works, that thereby they will be accounted of, for their thoughts, their hearts, and their outward acts of the flesh, and from these things, they shall be given their respective opportunities and blessings and cursings in the eternities to come.
  337. And wo be unto the disobedient, for where I am, there they cannot come, saith the Lord.
  338. Therefore give heed concerning yourselves, for even so, will I judge you when you shall come into the presence of mine anointed to be evaluated and judged for the deeds of the flesh, whether in the heart or manifested outwardly.
  339. Thereby, O ye hypocrites, and liars, ye shall be found out.
  340. Therefore, Wo! Wo! be unto those who are found to be thus, for shall they escape my awful wrath in that day, saith the Lord?
  341. Nay, but they shall be destroyed, saith the Lord, that their esteeming of sacred things as a thing of naught, shall no more come up unto me as the abominations of the past which
  342. abominations caused mine anger to be kindled against the inhabitants of the whole earth.
  343. For will I that the earth be polluted any more by them, saith the Lord?
  344. Nay, for I will cleanse the earth by fire in that day that I may discover their iniquities no more.
  345. And the earth in this day shall be made as a paradise for them that remain. 
  346. Even so, I have said it by the mouth of my servant in whom I am well pleased and surely his words also shall come to pass, for by the mouth of my servants or by mine own mouth, saith the Lord God, it is the same.
  347. Therefore beware how thou holdest the oracles of God. Even so. Amen.
  348. The Children of Moses were made to wonder in the wilderness for 40 years... which was one generation. So 4 generations is about 160 years... Because the Saints were not obedient between the time the revelation was given, to the time Joseph was taken from them, God did not fight there battles and they were scattered. So sometime between January 18th 1841 when the revelation was Received and June 27th 1844 3.5 years later, the Saints were cursed. 160 years later the curse was lifted. That would have been between January 18th 2001 and June 27th 2004. My experience I shared above happened in the Spring of 2003. 

  349. Revelation to Joshua Sparks
  350. These Revelations and Visions were given to a witness named  Joshua Sparks who is the other of the witnesses who saw in vision the Father give me the keys of authority of the Priesthood and the Kingdom that the wheat might be gathered away from the tares and the chaff to begin the cleansing spoken of in Section 112 and the setting in order spoken of in D and C 85. 
  351. Revelations to the Church of Jesus Christ.
  352. Revelations given to set the Church in Order, and to establish the Priesthood, namely the Quorum of the First Presidency, The Quorum of Twelve Apostles and the Quorum of Seventy Apostles. Sent to the entire world as witness of the love of God and as a warning of Christ’s soon return to this earth along with Our Father in Heaven.
  353. “Behold this day do I begin to communicate to thee by visions, by revelations that ye may prophesy against mystery Babylon, whose mystery is being revealed. And the skirts raised to reveal her nakedness and deceivableness of unrighteousness which is in the hearts of all who subscribe to her teachings and to those who are born out of her bed and are not children of the married wife but of a harlot.”
  354. First Revelation received at 12:30 PM(EST) on June 15th, 2013 in Ashland Ky, USA.
  355. 1). I was talking to Brother Mark concerning the keys of the Priesthood(Kingdom of God)and as Mark was speaking about His Vision of the father in Heaven, and the Father in Heaven laying His hands upon his head, I received the following Revelation.
  356. 2). I saw Mark kneeling down and I saw the Heavenly Father holding keys in His hands and I heard Heavenly Father say these words to Mark.
  357. 3). "My son, Behold I give unto thee the keys of the Kingdom of God and the Priesthood, my son as I gave them also to my servant Peter". This I received from Heavenly Father and I testify that it is true. The vision ended and I told Mark what I had seen and I then wrote down this divine communication from Heavenly Father.
  358. _____________________________________________________________________________
  359. Second Revelation received at 1:10 PM(EST) on June 15th 2013 in Ashland Ky,USA.
  360. 1). Behold My son, by mine only begotten was this Heaven and this earth formed, and by mine only begotten even my first born Jesus, the Christ was the fullness of the Priesthood of the eternities conferred and the Gospel of the eternities past proclaimed through mine only begotten son.
  361. 2). Jesus is the way, the truth and the life saith Your Father in Heaven, and no man can come to me except through my Son, and by My Spirit which causes men to call upon the name of mine only begotten, yea even Jesus who is called the Christ.
  362. 3). Behold this day do I begin to communicate to thee by visions, by revelations that ye may prophesy against mystery Babylon, whose mystery is being revealed. and the skirts raised to reveal her nakedness and deceivableness of unrighteousness which is in the hearts of all who subscribe to her teachings and to those who are born out of her bed and are not children of the married wife but of a harlot.
  363. 4). All who have lifted up their voice against me will I roar from Heaven with the voice of My judgment and I will fill their cups with wrath and indignation from Heaven. My son write and declare these things for behold, I the Lord, even Jesus, I am the faithful and true witness of My Father in Heaven, and my words are true. I have drunk of the bitter cup of my Father and did magnify my calling and my priesthood, and did humble myself and am a faithful witness of My father, yea the first witness of My father in Heaven.
  364. 5). The work and Glory of God is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of His sons and daughters, and this comes through the atonement and obedience to the laws and ordinances of the eternal Gospel. My calling and office of My Priesthood is the agency whereby the sons and daughters of God can be heirs and joint heirs with me saith Jesus, the Lord, the first witness of My father whose glory is to bring to pass the work of My Heavenly Father and to obtain to My exaltation through giving my life that many sons and daughters might obtain the inheritance of the Father to be exalted and to rule and reign as Kings and Priests.
  365. 6). Heaven and earth will run together when Zion has been built. Follow the leading of My Spirit, yea follow me Mark and Joshua, My servants upon whom rests the power of this Priesthood. Amen.
  366. Father's Day revelation given Sunday June 16th 2013 at 10:15 AM (EST) in Ashland Ky, USA.
  367. 1). My son, you have inquired of me direction, and Behold I do answer thee, and show thee the things thou desirest and seekest. Call to me and I will answer thee and by Revelation will I reveal to thee my will. Seek ye out twelve men to whom I shall lead thee, and ordain them to the Priesthood, ye set them apart as Apostles of Jesus Christ, special witnesses of My Son, whom I shall send to thee, men of truth, integrity, yea men of faith, who are righteous, who have received a testimony that Jesus lives, for as You have seen Jesus with your own eyes, yea they too have seen, yea have heard and will bear their testimony to the world that Jesus is the Christ the Son of the Living God.
  368. 2). For yea a marvelous work and a quick work shall I do among the children of men as I call to those with ears to hear to remove themselves from Babylon, and her great and abominable church, to take their place among the church, yes and be taught the Gospel of the Eternities and to progress to their exaltation through obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel that belongeth to this Priesthood.
  369. 3). Seventy men shalt thou ordain and set apart, the seventy Apostles, especial witness that shall be sent into the world to preach the Gospel and to prepare the hearts of men to build Zion saith Your Father in Heaven, yea even my political Kingdom on earth, and after my twelve and seventy are set in their place, Behold I will establish my First Presidency, yea and the One Mighty and Strong, mine anointed shall begin to build again Zion, as did Enoch My Son, and He shall reign over this My Kingdom till he turns it back over to me saith the Father.
  370. 4). Seek ye first My Kingdom and My Righteousness and establish my Church, and I will lead you by My Spirit to separate unto me the council of fifty and will I again establish to restore the United Order, yea Zion shall be built. Preach My Gospel, yea establish My Church, from her yea My Kingdom, yea even Zion shall be built and I will come to Adam-Ondi-Ahman and there bless My Sons and Daughters and they shall receive a crown of life that fadeth not away.
  371. 5). For thus saith the Lord, even Jesus, I am the head of my Church, yea that I have built by revelation, and yea I will cause the building fitly framed together to grow into a Holy Temple and dwelling place for our Heavenly Father. Amen.
  372. ______________________________________________________________________________
  373. Revelation given Monday June 17th 2013 at 9:45 AM(EST) in Ashland Ky, USA.
  374. 1). Behold, My Son, in response to your inquiry, I the Lord do reveal to you that my seventy will be Missionaries, yea travelling ministers-, yea even Apostles who shall be sent as especial witnesses, yea even witnesses of My Son Jesus the Christ, whose eyes have beheld, whose ears are opened to the voice of the Shepherd, yea whose bosom doth burn withined them as did my disciples on the road to Emmaus. 
  375. 2). Lift up thine eyes and behold the fields are white and ready to Harvest, the sheaves of earth shalt thou reap, yea even those who obey the Gospel, yea who come through mine only Begotten, the author of Eternal Salvation, yea the Bright and Morning Star.
  376. 3). Thrust in thy sickle, yea begin to build up My Church, yea and My Kingdom in the east, and My Servant Mark, Yea Mine Anointed build up My Kingdom and My Church, yea lay the foundation of Zion for this is thy Priesthood and thy keys, yea to build up Zion the Holy City of God. To establish her, to enlarge her stakes, and her influence in all the earth, as a stone cut out without hands, shalt thou fill the earth with My Glory saith your Father in Heaven. 
  377. 4). Set in order the twelve and the seventy, and I will set in order the First Presidency, yea thou doest have these the keys of my Kingdom and power to bind and loose says the Lord. 
  378. 5). Go forward My Servants, Preach repentance, yea baptize those who are repentent in My Name, yea the name of Mine only Begotten Son. Confer upon them the gift of the Holy Ghost, and confirm them members of My Church.
  379. 6). Many hearts are ready to receive, go in the power, yea the Priesthood Power. For I your Father in Heaven do command it.
  380. Many Have Seen Jesus!
  381. As I have gone about declaring this witness, I have met many others who have seen Jesus face to face or in Dreams and visions. I am not the only Servant who has been sent. God is about to do a Marvelous Work and Wonder among his children. Now is the time to repent and come unto me to be recommitted and rebaptised and Confirmed into a Higher Order, I have come to Gather the wheat out from among the Tares before the church is wasted away and Falls with the Nation she was founded in falls with her... Be the Servants God wants you to be... Join the Remnant and cease your Fence sitting... It is not right for the Elect of God to remain in Darkness any more... Come to the Light in the Church of the Living Messiah and the School of the Prophets. All who will not accept the second witness will not be Received by the first and will not come into my Fathers Kingdom. I say this in the name of Messiah, Amen.
  382. Revelation Received June 6th 2015. Bliss Idaho.
  383. 1.Thus Saith The Lord unto my servant Mark Lichtenwalter, Behold it is I, Your Father that speaketh unto you this day.
  384. 2. Behold, All things are thine, whether in eternity or in this world that I have created for thee.
  385. 3. My son, I would that thou shalt continue to proclaiming my Gospel, and the time will come when my Obedient children will know to come to thee for their deliverance from Babylon, which I shall cause to fall and great will be the Fall there of.
  386. 4. Behold, I have seen thy travail and know thy heart, Fear not, for your heart is pure before me. Doubt not that which I have shown thee. For thou art my servant and my witness, My Son, in whom I have chosen from before the foundations of this world. Turn to me in all things and I will support thee and lift thee up and give unto thee the riches of the eternities.
  387. 5. Fear not my son, The time is not far distant when thou shalt again see me and hear my voice, and speaketh unto me as one man Speaketh with another. In that day the vial shall be taken from thee that I may lead you into safe places. And they who trust in me will follow thee as in the day when they followed my servant Moses.
  388. 6. For thou shalt be like unto him in the deliverance of my people Ephraim and in the return of my sons of Jacob to the lands of there inheritance.
  389. 7. But first will I lead thee by my spirit into the wilderness and shall feed thee and my children who shall come unto thee, as my children who did follow my servant Moses.
  390. 8. Fear not what thou shalt take into the wilderness, for I will provide thee all that thou shall eat and all that thou shall drink, and thou shalt have warmth and shelter in the high places where I shall cause thee to go.
  391. 9. Now my son, Go forward with faith and doubt not, for it is I that leadeth thee through the valleys of the shadow of death and it is I that shall lead you to green pastures.
  392. 10. Thus Saith The Lord, all they that come against thee, though it be a man or an army, shall not prevail against thee or my faithful children who will come unto thee.
  393. 11. Behold, it shall come to pass that I shall make thee Mighty and also Strong like unto my son Enoch, and also my servant Elijah.
  394. 12. And it shall come to pass 
  395. that I will cause that 
  396. thou shall be as they, whereby they did call down the elements to their protection to do that work which I have called them to do.
  397. 13. Fear not, nor be afraid, for I am with thee, and all my holy angels, they shall accompany thee and thou shall lead my little ones and teach them to come unto me, that they may know me and serve me, and grow in faith and knowledge until that perfect day when I shall come down out of heaven, and take my place among them with all my Sons and daughters who have over come the world.
  398. 14. Behold, these are they whose glory shall be that of the sun, who are members of my Kingdom and my church both in heaven and on earth.
  399. 15. For the day will come when I shall change my children who are in mortality, that they may come into my glory and see me, that they may have a perfect knowledge of me and my children who have gone on before, who desire to come unto thee even at this time, that they may embrace thee and they who come unto thee by my spirit and be one with thee as I and my children in heaven are one with me.
  400. 16. Remember, All who come unto thee and are baptized and sealed to thee by my power are thereby sealed unto me and will have eternal life and be crowned with honors and glory in my kingdoms worlds without end, if they will be obedient unto me.
  401. 17. My son, it is my will that thou shalt continue to come unto me in prayer and I will continue to thee to lead thee through the Darkness that shall come.
  402. 18. My son, be obedient unto my voice and thou shall bring many of my humble children unto me.
  403. 19. Verily I say unto thee, I have chosen thee for this purpose, to lead my Saints through the wilderness of their affliction unto me.
  404. 20. Behold, this is my will, even the will of your Father who hath called thee from before the foundations of this earth, to stand with mine only begotten as a witness unto me. Even so, Amen.
  405. Revelation on October 6th 2015 received by Samuel Warren Shaffer (Frederick)
  406. Behold mine son Samuel, as spoken through the mouth of my son Mark Lichtenwalter, ye are called to be the Patriarch of the Church. This shall be the Church that will exist in the Millennial day! I have called and chosen thy seed to be they who give Patriarchal blessings through that thousand years, but behold ye have false traditions and tendencies that ye must overcome.
  407. I have raised up thy family for a wise purpose in Me. I have called thee out of thy darkness and confusions to declare as with the clear voice of the millennial morn that ye are wrong concerning the Order of my Priesthood in regards to the Sealing Power! For behold, if ye were again standing in the halls of my Kingdom would ye fear concerning the man chosen to preside over this power? I say unto thee, Nay!
  408. Now behold in response to this ye have looked up scriptures concerning the calling of a Church Patriarch; and lo and behold ye did find those words which I spoke by mine own mouth which were, “First, I give unto you Hyrum Smith to be a patriarch unto you, to hold the sealing blessings of my church, even the Holy Spirit of promise, whereby ye are sealed up unto the day of redemption, that ye may not fall notwithstanding the hour of temptation that may come upon you.” Wherefore mine son Samuel ye shall accept this calling and if ye strive for these things in Temperance and Righteousness they shall be added unto you. For behold ye were called from before the foundations of the world to be that One man who is authorized and holds all the Keys of the Sealing Power and to preside in that capacity over all those who possess this power. And now ye shall seal up my people unto the day of redemption, wherefore ye shall stand in the place of that Angel unto this people with the chain of the Sealing Power, which is the chain of the Fathers reaching back unto Father Adam. 
  409. Now hear Mine words which are Eternal wisdom upon this subject, even like a flaming sword! He who is the Patriarch of the Church presides over the Sealing Power because it is he that symbolizes the blessing of the Fathers, and the desire which is in the spiritual hearts of the Fathers towards their children; and behold this is a great forgotten Endowment of my Church, that the Patriarch might Seal those who love Me, to come forth in the morning of the First Resurrection and receive Eternal Life.
  410. And now behold ye wonder whether having this power is a stake on Me, and these thoughts cross thy mind even now! Oh the weakness and foolishness and frailties of man, even when the voice of the Lord speaketh unto him! Wherefore I shall have mercy upon thee and explain these things, even in thy weakness. That man who presides over the Sealing Power gives his consent unto the Sealing ordinances of my people by appointment. He fulfills this station by appointing Sealers, and by giving the law and parameters, according to the dictates of the Spirit, by which My people may enjoy these blessings, in this world and throughout Eternity. He also utilizes this power in Sealing My people up into the tribes of their lineage.
  411. It will be the great blessing and calling of the Patriarch of the Church in the world to come to organize the families of the Elect, just as our Father organized the families of man before the foundations of the world. If ye know not of certain righteous men and women who desire to be united for Eternity in this life, then ye will have the opportunity to organize them in the world to come. For behold there will be ample time to do work for the dead, and even though they must have repented to receive a Celestial body in the Resurrection even then there will be time to organize the family of God; for behold, have I not said even children will be raised up in that glorious day? And behold there should be no worry nor fear nesting in you, just faith, for I count every sparrow and forget not; how much more do I count those who have Eternal love, one for another!
  412. Now behold I having given mine son Mark all the Keys of my Kingdom in the last days, wherefore when he raised his hands dressed in light, which is intelligence and truth, even at that time did the need to consult the descendants of Hyrum, John Smith and William Smith come to an end. For behold they are Patriarchs over their own season and people, and all those callings have come to an end as pertaining to the earth and its current inhabitants. Behold, their Priesthood no man taketh from them; but, verily I say unto you, another may be appointed unto their same calling; and ye are that man if ye will qualify thyself and peruse these things in humility and prayer. Wherefore when he places his hands upon thy head and gives you this power and anointing and even sets you apart as the Patriarch of mine Church, then shall this power rest upon thee and thy descendants after thee.
  413. Behold ye also have the gift of Patriarchy, for ye knew that thy father was of the tribe of Ashur even though the Church told him he was of Ephraim. And now Mine son ye have many spiritual gifts because of that which ye were and made of thyself before ye were born, wherefore ye do not only have the gift of listening to diverse spirits which toss thee upon the waves of doctrine, but ye also have a gift as a rock deep within thee; seek for this gift that allowed thee to have seership at the first. Search for this gift that is like a gem within thee, even the gift of insight and inspiration by which ye can know things that ye should Seal upon Mine children.
  414. Now Mine son Samuel, ye have been bitter against mine servant Brigham Young for many years, these bitter feelings were planted like a seed in response to the Reed Smoot hearings; and that seed only grew as ye learned of the unfortunate killing of Joseph Morris and ye learned of Willard Richard’s compliance in regards to the mob, but ye remember not that Joseph asked him to do it to preserve his life; and ye have imagined up unto thyself many conspiracies in regards to these things, which are foolish and vain in My sight! But behold I was there, and I saw all things which have transpired upon the face of Idumea. Brigham was a man, a man who was mine Apostle, a man who struggled to govern a people, and a man who tried to temper and mold the wicked. He made many mistakes, but he did not forge the Revelation on Plural Marriage, and he did not kill Joseph. The added portion of verse Seven was present when Brigham received it, and that section is only wrong in that it should have named Hyrum as that man who presided over the Sealing Power instead of mine son Joseph. Brigham did what he thought best for the Church even when he was wrong; wherefore judge no more my servant Brigham. He led a cursed people, a curse which I am now lifting in love and mercy.
  415. Behold all the ordinances ye have done, ye have done in Faith, by the power of the Holy Spirit, preparatory to those ordinances that ye shall receive hereafter; although doubt not mine servant, son and friend Mark Lichtenwalter, for his heart is right before me and I have given him blessings, keys, principalities and powers, and he will soon have dominions also; and I have given him these blessings under Mine own hand Saith the Lord. He is a bright and shining Star, even a pillar in my Kingdom, a Messiah. He was present with thee in solemn assemblies before the foundations of the world. Ye departed down the hall of light at different times, but ye learned concerning the Plan together, and ye first heard about thy future callings together; for ye shall serve together, and ye accepted him as thy Lord, for ye were friends in that world. Even so, Amen.
  416. Revelation received by Samuel Warren Shaffer on October 14th 2015.
  417. Mine son Samuel, ye have wondered why I said that Mark would anoint thee unto this power, when he did ordain thee unto it by the laying on of hands; but behold ye do not yet understand all things concerning the Order of Mine Kingdom and why I did put those words into mine Son Mark’s mouth; even to give thee this Power and Ordain thee unto this office without oil. Behold I did Ordain Mark under Mine own hand that all things might be restored, even all the ordinances unto the children of men! Wherefore the promise hath been fulfilled that Mine arm would be made bare in the Last Days! For I did even make it bare in laying Mine hands upon Mark’s head, and I shall make it bare again as I show that vivid shaft of lightening and gather Mine Saints with Power!
  418. Now it is the Patriarch of the Church which presides over the Temple Ordinances, he also presiding over the Sealing Power. His assistants also assist him keeping the records of the Church. And now all those ordinances which ye call Temple Ordinances are such because they are by My Word and are Eternal, utilizing the Sealing Power; even all. Behold Mine Son Mark did not have thee by his side before and he could not hold all offices, for I ordained thee unto thy several offices before the Foundations of the World. Rejoice and be of good cheer, because I command thee to unlatch his shoe latchet and wash his feet and to anoint his head. Behold I see that ye recoil just as John did before you. Ye know that ye are unworthy to remove his shoe, and ye fear that I shall strike thee down as the tree before Me. If ye shall keep mine commandments and do this and ye are not struck down, then ye shall know for a surety that this is Mine will, and that this is Mine Revelation and the Words of Mine mouth unto thee, and thy faith shall be accounted unto you as righteousness.
  419. Once ye have done this thing, then he knowing the Ordinance having received it shall give it back unto thee, that all things may be done in Order in Mine House; for verily my house is even a house of Order as I have said. I am the Lord your God and I shall give thee more from time to time as ye ask me and ye need direction in thy calling, even so. Amen.

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